Juggernart meets C64 Remixes Vol.1
In 2001 I made an audio CD mix with some of my favourite Commodore64 music remixes. I decided to share it.
The audio CD is a nonstop mix! Burn it with 0 sec. pause between the titles. All titles are mp3 with 128 kBit/s, they alltogether have 55.7 mb. Use this picture (300 dpi, 160 kb) as the CD cover if you want. Enjoy, it's free music.

Title Artist/Remixer Composer


Druid 2 (Bo Selector remix)

DJ Subslash David Hanlon


Zak McKracken (mindbend this)

The Dead Guys - DrDoom & Komatr:ohn M. Kane & C. Grigg


Bruce Lee Bart Klepka John Fitzpatrick


Knucklebusters Subversive Elements Rob Hubbard


Temple of Apshai DJ Lizard
06 Foreign Girl (Kim Nichols mix) Wobbler Steven Diemer
07 Last Ninja (Big beatnik mix) The Dead Guys - DrDoom & Komatr:ohn Ben Daglish
08 Last Ninja 2 (Into the Ninja Hood) Bart Klepka Matt Grey
09 Krakout (Kocmoc Mix) Slumgud Ben Daglish
10 Pacman (keep eating the pills mix) Mr Salvador Toshio Kai
11 Arkanoid Intro (Longer RnB Version) MistaDistah Martin Galway
12 Arkanoid (Dubanoid mix) The Dead Guys - DrDoom & Komatr:ohn Martin Galway
13 Paperboy (peaperboayh) The Dead Guys - DrDoom & Komatr:ohn Mark Cooksey
14 Zorro DJ Subslash John Fitzpatrick
15 Last Ninja - Palace Gardens (Loader) Tonka Anthony Lees
16 Last Ninja 2 (tDG RMx) The Dead Guys - DrDoom & Komatr:ohn Matt Grey
17 Crazy Comets (Mongo Meteor) The Dead Guys - DrDoom & Komatr:ohn Rob Hubbard
18 Psi5 Subversive Elements Ed Bogas
19 Driller Remix Part1 Rob Steptoe Matt Grey
20 Wizard Of Wor Ambient Mix dkm

Compiled and mixed 2001 by Juggernart. Most of the titles were taken from remix64.phatsites.de.
All titles are Copyright of their respective composers and artists.

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