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Rating: 3.56

Skillball is a cool new arkanoid/breakout game clone with a lot of new exciting features and power-ups and beautiful levels.
As in all breakout/arkanoid games, the objective is to remove all destroyable bricks/pieces from the screen with a ball that you control with a paddle. You can play SkillBall in tournament mode or in practice mode. Tournament mode always starts at level 1 with 3 lives. You have to get to and finish the final level 20 without losing all lives (balls). Each level that is completed will be unlocked to play in practice mode.
SkillBall has a lot of exciting new power-ups like bullets, fireballs, comet, multiball, and others which are used automaticly or by clicking with the mouse. Collect coins for bonus points and to get extra balls.
Use the mouse to move the paddle left and right. Click the mouse at the beginning of a level to shoot the ball. Click the mouse to use power-ups like bullets and comets. Pieces with stars cannot be destroyed.

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Download SkillBall for your website!
Download SkillBall for your website!
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