"Angry Birds Online"

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Rating: 3.54

Angry Birds Online is one of the most played skill shot games ever. Get angry and shoot the pigs who stole the birds eggs! It's funny.
To shoot the pigs you make use of a slingshot to shoot the angry birds at structures made of wood, stone or ice where the green pigs hide within. You must eliminate all pigs on the playfield and you should try to achieve it with as few bird shots as possible. The less shots you need the more points you receive.
As you advance in the game new colored birds become available that have special abilities you can make use of. For example, blue angry birds separate into three small birds, white birds drop explosive eggs and black birds explode themself.
Gameplay is really simple: Just use your MOUSE, click on a bird in the slingshot, hold the mouse button and move to set the angle and power of the shot. Release the mouse button to shoot the bird away.

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