"Galaxy Life"

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Rating: 3.35

Here you can play the latest smash hit of online game publisher Digital Chocolate. While the game has similar building and strategy gameplay as others of this genre, it wraps it all up in a funny cartoonish sci-fi look and feel. The main actors are cute little aliens named Starlings that look like they escaped from a Dreamworks animation movie.
Like in most multiplayer building games your objective is to build a prosperous colony with cities and all kinds of needed infrastructure. Once things are running, you need to build an army to defend yourself from other hostile players. Since the game has great focus on social elements, you can also form alliances with your friends.
While you advance in the game, you will explore new characters and builings and you will have to fulfil quests and missions. To say it with the words of the publisher: there is no time for rest and boredom on Galaxy Life!

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