play HoverBot Helloween
Move the bot and collect the pumpkins along your way through spooky Halloween levels.
play Pumpkin Smashing
See how far you can launch the pumpkins before they smash.
play Halloween Massacre
Be quick getting rid of the monsters! Shoot them whack them, kill them... Not suitable for children…
play Halloween Monster Munchies
Monster munchies are out to steal your Halloween candy. Stop them!
play Boxhead Halloween Special
Rescue the civilians from Boxville, keeping them out of the way of hordes of zombies.
play Haunted House Candy Hunt
Hunt for candy in a haunted house. Loads of skeletons, ghosts, spiders and other Halloween monsters.
play Death Match
A spooky puzzle game. It's similar to Tetris but with skulls and of more fun.
play Invasion of the Halloween Monsters
Help Dr. Schwartz bring back as much of the stolen Halloween candy as possible.
play Candy Corn Toss
Throw your candy corn around and fill up the 'bowl for the Halloween candies'.
play Bashing Pumpkins
Hundreds of Jack-o'-Lanterns are popping all over the world. A freakish Helloween invasion you have…
play Dancing Duck
Dance around the falling pumpkins, but don't get smashed!
play Lil' Dracula
Lil Dracula is awoken and goes on a flight through a haunted house.
play Hello Halloween
Max the ghost is lost. Help him to get back to the graveyard before Helloween.
This is a special selection of fun online Halloween games for kids. Play them for free at a fun Halloween games party or later after the party. It's only quality and fun that matters! Put on your cool Halloween masks and costumes, bash and smash pumpkins, hunt for the candy, stop the invasion of Halloween monsters and have fun at the scary Halloween party.