"Touchdown USA"

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Rating: 3.75

Take seat and enjoy a thrilling game of real Gridiron American Football. This one is stuffed with awesome features and a great but simple gameplay. You can choose between an easy College or an advanced Pro Mode.
The objective is simple: Just try to get the ball into your opponents end zone and keep it away from your own end zone. You represent the red football team. Move the highlighted Player with the ARROW KEYS. Use C to sprint. Press V and B to PASS to your players marked as V and B. In 'Location Passing Plays' you can't pass until your player V or B arrived in the scheduled location. The icons change from translucent to opaque. To run with the ball and DODGE press SPACEBAR, then pick the direction with ARROW keys and press SPACEBAR again. There are power ups on the field that you should try to collect. If you play Touchdown USA for the first time we recommend to go through the tutorial.

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