FEATURED: Crunchball 3000
play Crunchball 3000
Start a footballers career or just play a single Crunchball match in this awesome futuristic speedba…
play Bend it like Beckham
Can you bend it like David Beckham and score three goals in a row in this penalty shootout? Prove yo…
NEW: Speedback
play Speedback
Score three touchdowns to earn an extra try! Use stiff arm and spin move to avoid a tackle.
play King of Defenders
You're John Terry, King of defenders! Kick the ball with your head into the goal in this great free…
play Freekick Mania
An asian freekick soccer match where you can earn magic shots and where you can change the soccer pl…
play 4th and Goal
Warm up in this online Super Bowl game. There are no punts, when it is 4th down, you have to go for…
play The Big Hit
Deliver bone-crunching and hard hitting tackles to the opposition and get your rugby team to the top…
play England Academy
Learn and master the different rugby play skills involved in a rugby union game! Free kick, tackling…
play Touchdown USA
A pretty cool Gridiron American Football game where you can block, pass and tackle like in the real…
play Rooney on the Rampage
Wayne Rooney learned the Zinedine Zidane style. Headbutt everyone out of your way!
play Ballz!
Try to remove the different sports balls from the playfield!
play Garfield Soccer
Help Garfield kicking the football around the world!
play Stan James Free Kick Challenge
Score as many freekicks in a row as you can. A fun 3D penalty shootout game.
play Super Headers
Head as many soccer balls into the net as possible!
play Neymar
Play soccer star Neymar and shoot as many goals as possible to earn big money.
play American Football
Choose your football team and play an american football match in 3D.
play Zombie Sports Football
This is not your standard soccer game, its more along the lines of a zombiefied game.
play World Cup Headers
Headkick the ball in pong style over a net. For 1 or 2 persons with loads of match options.
play Soccofobia
Go for the ball! Ehm, no, run away from it! Avoid the balls as long as possible, while collecting do…
play 4th and Goal 2011
Touchdown! This is an addicting American Football game where you play the Superbowl of 2011!
play World Cup Glory
In this awesome game you lead one of 32 soccer teams in a friendly match, or you can win the world c…
play Pepsi Finger Footy
Fire away the barbarians while shooting the ball into the soccer goal. Very funny and addicting!
play Rugby Challenge
Face the challenge, battle hard and take your rugby league team to victory! A great rugby game onlin…
play Football Kicks
A great free kick soccer game about the UEFA 2012. Shoot free kicks as one of the 16 competing natio…
play Euro Shoot Out 2012
An addicting and fun penalty shot game to the UEFA 2012. Shoot penalties then defend as the goal kee…
play Champion's Field
Play a 3 minute soccer match against Korea. That's fun!
play Super Free Kicks
A free kick match with a very good 3D feeling.
play Goal Wall Shooting 3D
Kick the balls through holes of a goal wall! This game was dedicated to the World Cup 2006 and the E…
play Kickit
You need to shoot goals while knocking over peoples silhouettes to score higher!
This is the category with football (in USA it's called soccer) and rugby games for you to play here for free. The football sport in the United States is very different from worldwide soccer. It is more similar to rugby that is popular in Australia and Great Britain. Therefore it is called american football. These three kinds of ball sports belong to the most popular games being played online, and in real life of course. Enjoy, kick goals or score touch downs!