play Freekick Football a cool footy freekick game where you first shoot at the goal and then defend as the goalie.
play Q-Ball
Dribbel the Q-ball to knock the soccer ball and collect the cups!
play Jetix Kids Cup
Create your own team of players, select your soccer shirts and then let the ball go!
play Free Kick Champ
Become the top scoring freekick champ of this season!
play Soccer Trials
Impress your coach by completing all the training challenges!
play Fuchibol
Play as Maradonna, Ronaldinho, Messi and other stars, and keep the ball up as long as possible!
play 3 on 1
3 forwards are playing against one defender and the goalkeeper!
play Kicking & Screaming
Kick the ball into your friends goal. You can miss it three times!
play Spin Kicker
Another good tabletop "Tipp Kick" foosball game.
play Bouncing King
Keep the hand drawn ball as long and as high as possible in the air!
play Air Ball
Bounce the balls on your head and keep as many of them in the air as possible.
play X-Hoc Robot Soccer
Heavy android robots compete in this futuristic soccer match!
play Brendan Soccer Shoot
The aim of this funny soccer game is to shoot the people on the soccer field, not to shoot goals!
play Streets Table Soccer
Pick your favourite flavour and play the paddle pop soccer shoot out!
play Goal Street
In Goal Street you play street soccer against your friend in the backyard.
play Ben 10 Superpenalty
Play a match of super hero free kicks with Ben 10 or Gwen on the soccer playground.
play Korean Freekick
In this free kick game you have 10 penalty kicks to score the best points!
play X-Valin Soccer
You need to collect all the balls by passing goals while avoiding defenders!
play Soccer Pong
A unique pong style game where you have to keep the ball in a circled soccer field and finally shoot…
play Super Mario Strikers
Keep the ball up on Super Mario's head. Shoot the goodies but avoid the Koopa Shells!
play Soccer Style 2010
Keep the ball in the air while doing tricks like cartwheels and handstands to outscore other footbal…
play World Cup 2010
Play against the 32 teams of FIFA World Cup 2010 or practice free kicks and penalty kicks!
play Pegote Ball
Play with a small "Stickman" and keep the ball up in the air. Nice graphics.
play 2010 World Cup Prep
How many goals can you kick in 10 tries? Make headers, volleys and ground kicks in this soccer game.
play South Africa 2010
Choose your favorite football team and start living the excitement of this great free kick game.
play Gästetribüne
You have to reach your special guest seat in the front row by keeping your balance walking down the…
play Newt Runner
Move the runner around the soccer field avoiding the cops!
play Canon Rebound
Kick the football against the back wall into the marked scoring zones!