play Photo Foul 2008
An arcade differences game dedicated to the european championship 08 (EURO 2008).
play Pinball Football
This is actually an awesome soccer themed pinball game with a fun twist.
play Prehistoric Football
A stone age man plays footy and has to kick off the ball as far as he can!
play Soca Soccer
Keep the football up at the beach. Dedicated to Trinidad and Tobago who made it to the worldcup 2006…
play Office Soccer
Destroy the office furniture by shooting freekicks in the office!
play Super Soccer Star
Become a Super Soccer Star by scoring as many penalties in a row as you can!
play Retro Arcade Soccer
A retro style arcade top view football game against the computer.
play Elastic Soccer
A table soccer game with elastic soccer players. Feels like a real Tipp Kick.
play Smashing Soccer
You are the goalkeeper! Catch the balls and don't let the glass behind you break.
play Super Soccer
A cool and fast one on one soccer game. Easy and fun!
play VR World Cup Soccer
Play against the computer team. A great top view soccer game.
play The Vick Plectrum Football Extravaganza
The Vick Plectrum Football Extravaganza is a simple game but a great game, you can burn some time pl…
play The Champions 2007
This is the battle between the two best soccer clubs in the world: AC Milan and Liverpool FC
play Wear The Shirt
A challenging penalty shootout match where you have to proof yourself worthy wearing the soccer shir…
play Public Viewing
It's public viewing! A streaker avoids football players, security guards, rides on chickens and perf…
play Fifa World Cup Shootout
In Fifa World Cup Shootout 2006 you need to do more than keep scoring penalties!
play Rocking Soccer
Pick up all records for energy and then shoot a goal. Avoid the defensive players.
play Mardi Gras Shootout
A penalty shootout against the computer, first as the field player and then as the goalkeeper!
play Head to Head EURO 2004
Play headkicks in the office! It's like playing pong, but of more fun.
play Overhead Kick Champion
A great football game in which you will use your sport skills to do overhead kicks on the ball to pu…
play Penalty 10
You have 10 free penalty kicks to shoot goals. Can you beat the goalie?
play Premiere League Foosball
Win with your favourite british premier league football club!
play Pass or Perish
Complete the most number of passes to your team mates in each round!
play Flick'n Kick Celebrity Kick
Set the angle and power of your flick. Then send your Celeb hurtling down the pitch.
play Football Lob Master
Prove your kicking skills and master the artistry of a perfect lob shot!
play Kings of Rugby
You have 12 penalty kicks to mark the best points possible in the shortest time!
play EURO Headers 2004
A funny headkick pong style game for one or two persons.
play Freekick Fusion
A great freekick multiplayer tournament. kick by yourself or against other real freekickers