play Striker Run
Can you dribble past the whole opponent's defense and finally shoot the goal?
play On the Volley
Will you find the back of the net and be the King of the Volley?
play Back in Play
A soccer game about timing! Plan your throw-in perfectly so the ball lands at the striker's feet.
play World Cup Animal Football 2010
A funny penalty shot game with wild animals playing in jungle. Get the right angle and spin on the b…
play Addicta Kicks
Addicta Kicks is a cool 3D free kick game where you can try to shoot goals from different locations…
play The Champions EURO 08
A mini-simulation of the EURO 2008 soccer tournament!
play Yahoo Soccer
A very cool top view football game made by Yahoo Japan. A great top view soccer game!
play Beach Skills Soccer
4 free soccer games for kids: Keepy Ups at the beach, kicking at merecats, kick on the rooftops and…
play Beach Soccer
Yes, it's summer season again and you can play a hot and sudorific barefoot footie match on the beac…
play Penalty Kick Tournament
In this great game you shoot penalties and free kicks against the goalkeepers of the footy world cup…
play Suburban Goalie
Here you need to prove yourself as a great goalkeeper with very fast reactions! Put on the gloves an…
play Quarterback Training
Get on the field and help your Quarterback prepare for the upcoming American football games season b…
play Soccer Ball
3 matches in quarter finals, 1 in semi finals and 1 in finals. Each match you have 5 balls to kick i…
play TFS Football
In this addicting game you can control your soccer players in different ways and assign them differe…
play Viva la Volley
Try to hit the ball at the right moment and score spectacular volleys in this cool brazilian corner…
play Pixel Kick
Play a fast and funny round of soccer against a retro styled pixelized and pretty hard to beat team!
play Best Free Kicker
Prove to be the best penalty kicker and score as many goals as possible against your opponents.
play Peace Queen Cup 2006
A cool women soccer free kick game simulating the real 8-team Peace Queen Cup of 2006.
play Football Madness
It's Super Bowl time! Run into the field's end zone and kick a goal without getting tackled by the d…
play Backstreet Soccer
Ever wanted to play a round of street footy in retro style? Here you go kids, kick off like in the 8…
play Side Kick 2007
A pretty realistic top view soccer game with two teams, 11 players in each team and even with a refe…
play Rugby Penalty Kicks
You have three attempts to free kick the ball from different places into the goal. A realistic 3D ru…
play Crash Course Football
In this 3D game you play soccer with cars against cars! Drive around and kick the ball.
play Against the Wall
You and your matey have decided to play a bit street footy. The loser has to pay the beer!
play Flag Football
A great 7 on 7 NFL football game with intuitive opponents of artificial intelligence and three diffi…
play FIFA Penalty Shootout
Can you beat the goalkeeper in this official FIFA made free kick football game for kids?
play Aniball
Try the ultimate cartoon footy challenge. Beat the pc or challenge a friend in a funny 2 player matc…
play Dennys Flash Soccer
A fast paced and fun old school soccer game for kids with different difficulties and teams.