play Last Touchdown
Max oversleeped and is late for the Super Bowl. Help him get to the stadium in time!
play Big Uglies Football
Objective: Pass the egg-like ball to the receivers in this funny game.
play 3 Halves
It's the rugby cup final! And it's on you to win the cup.
play Binball Wizard
Try to shoot the ball into the trash bin as often as possible within the time frame.
play Purple Passion Kickoff
How many yards can you kick the ball away at this sunny beach?
play Soccer Power Shot
You have 5 tries to kick the ball through the street as far as you can.
play Kanga Kick
Shoot the ball into the goals from different positions on the rugby field!
play Penalty GoGo
A funny free kick match with magic shots and different free-kickers.
play Sumo Sushi Soccer
This is a funny 1 on 1 footy game for kids where you play with a Sushi roll ball and Sumo fighters.
play Goalkeeper
Put on your goalkeeper gloves and try to catch an incoming stream of balls. Dodge everything else!
play Cheerleader Soccer
Shoot goals to get the cheerleader dressed.
play Run Ronaldo Run
Ronaldo got too fat! Keep him running, collect golden soccer shoes but avoid the food. Funny!
play Sumo Twang
Catapult your sumo team into the right positions on the football field.
play Ultimate Soccer Showdown
Fist-fight against the opponent players in this street fighter style game!
play Free Kick Fever UEFA
This is an awesome freekick soccer game in 3D made by Play in single and multiplayer mode.
play Crossing Cup
An awesome cool corner kickoff game. Win the soccer world cup by shooting perfect corner kicks.
play Goal Baby Goal
This fast paced game guarantees for real "Football Fever" while leading your team to the cup!
play Free Kick Vectra Footy
Shoot goals in three different soccer world cup eras!
play City Soccer Shootout
In Nickelodeon City Soccer Shootout, Lauren and Vida are having a friendly freekick competition!
play Lineman Crunch
The objective in this funny football fighting game is to knock out your opponent in 10 rounds! You h…
play Free Kick Expert
Kick the ball from various places on the soccer field into the goal!
play Soccer Shootout
Score enough goals to win the soccer world cup before the clock runs out.
play Best League
Play a cool retro style match in the Italian soccer league! Play with the best of the world as AC Mi…
play Freaky Football
Run around and pick up the beans for energy, then run into the end zone to score. Don't get tackled!
play Beat the Wall
Outsmart the opponent wall and score points for shooting spectacular goals! One of the best 3D freek…
play Man Mountains
Tackle out the big defender in this tough online game of rugby.
play Running Back Attack
This American Football sport game is a rough one so be ready to smash your way through the oppositio…
play Super Bowl Defender
Defend your end zone at the Super Bowl! Tackle offenders to earn points. Then buy better football ge…