"Flag Football"

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Rating: 3.29

Flag Football is a great 7 on 7 online football game with intuitive opponents of artificial intelligence and 3 difficulties!
Play 4 quarters on a 60 yard field, each two minutes long.
Rules: 3 permanent (yellow) first down lines, no kickoffs, the football starts on own 8. Only caught punts may be returned, otherwise ball is taken where it lands or goes out of bounds. Clock stops after every play.
Offensive controls:
Press the Spacebar to snap the ball. Use Arrow keys or AWSD to move your player. Click the mouse to throw the ball. The ball will be thrown to and land where the mouse cursor is when you clicked. Lead the receiver and don't throw at his feet.
Defensive controls:
Spacebar cycles through selectable players. Arrow keys or ASWD to move the player. Click mouse to select the closest player to the ball. To tackle, run your player on top of the ball carrier.

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