"Dribbel Meister"

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Rating: 3.64

Dribbel the football with 'Geröll-Rudi', the stone age man, into the cave of your opponent!
This is a very funny football/soccer game made by the German TV sports series 'Sportschau'. You are the stone age man 'Geröll Rudi' and you have to dribbel and kick the stone football into the goal of your opponent.
To start the game, click on HIER LOSDRIBBELN or on the SPIEL button at bottom left. Move Rudi with the Arrow left and right keys. Jump with Arrow up and duck with Arrow down. Kick the ball with the Spacebar. The game is over when time runs out, or when all balls are lost. Collect points to get a new ball at 150 pts. and a new life at 300 pts. You loose a live if you hit bones or fires or if you fall into a pit. You also need to avoid thrown axes and spears, creatures and rolling stones. You loose a ball if you shoot it into bones, fires and pits.

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