"Coaster Racer"

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Rating: 3.36

Whooaaaa... did you ever dream about racing a roller coaster style racetrack in a racecar? Here you go! Take seat in your own customized car and go on a fun and wild race for the pole position.
You need to finish in the qualifying position to unlock the next cool track. This game offers a lot of great features for the most fun gameplay. Earn money to upgrade your car with Top Speed, Acceleration, Brakes, Tyres and Nitrous. Most important things to win are:
- Stay on the track, if you fall off you'll loose valuable time.
- Don't damage your racecar and avoid your opponents and tracksides. The more your car is damaged the less points you make. Fix damage on the upgrades screen.
- Use Nitrous to give your drive a boost at the safest places.
- Use 'Freestyle' (drive with hands off the wheel) to double your points, but watch your steering! - Jump over ramps to score higher. - Collect money icons for extra cash. - Hit cones to score and to get achievements.
Use the following keys to play:
ARROW UP or W to accelerate, ARROW DOWN or S to brake, ARROW LEFT and RIGHT or A,D to steer.
N or X to use Nitrous, M or Z (Y) to drive freestyle

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