play Formula Racer 2012
Choose from three racecar classes and battle through racing tracks from around the world.
FEATURED: Bomb Detonator
play Bomb Detonator
In this fast and fun rally you must defuse all bombs in the desert by driving into them within a lim…
play Mobil 1 Test Driver
Play as a test driver in this cool 3D racing game with F1 and other formula racecars.
play Stick BMX Challenge
Go on an outdoor challenge on your BMX bike! Climb over steep hills and try to perform back flips an…
TOP: Sim Taxi
play Sim Taxi
Drive your passengers to their destinations as fast as possible without damaging your cab!
play Uphill Rush
A fun rally over hills and obstacles with a dirt-bike, truck, quad-bike or a skateboard!
play Dune Buggy
Reach the end of each track without breaking your Jeep! Perform stunts and collect stars, but beware…
play Monster Trucks Nitro
Drive down the tracks before time runs out and make as much damage as possible with your cool monste…
play Puppy Racers
Race your puppy dog around the racing tracks and win collecting bonuses and weapons!
play Deathrace 3D
Drive your motorbike at night through a dangerous forest!
play The Heist
Accomplish missions, escape and destroy the police cars and pimp your van after success!
play ING F1 Racing
A Formula 1 car racing game where you have 3 min. to run the fastest lap to win the pole position!
play Y3K Race
Drive your spaceship against the champions of the year 3000!
play Fast Track
Choose a great race car, drive in exciting races and then upgrade your racer.
play Madness on Wheels
Drive a pickup truck down the road and shoot all the chasers. Earn money and upgrade your car.
play Downhill Snowboard
Race down steep mountains, grab combos and flips, and don't break your neck!
play Kart Pro Challenge
Drive your competitors into the ground and show that you are the only kart professional!
play Sewer Run
Perform tricks on your skateboard and use power-ups against your opponents!
play Monster Truck Trials
Get the best out of your Juggernaut monster truck competing in four challenges!
play Jam XM
Take part and win the intergalactic drag car racing games competition!
play Crazy Orcs Racing
Crush as many barrels, crates, sheeps & humans in this funny orc race!
play Ufo Racing
Compete against other aliens of the intergalactic Ufo Racers association!
play Enjoyable Horse Racing
Make a fortune by betting on horses and guiding them to victory in this Horse Race simulation!
play Ultimate Dog Racer
Choose a dog, place your bet and race your greyhound to the finish in this fun dog racing!
play 4 Wheel Madness
Try to reach the finish line with your monster truck without crashing it.
play Deadly Drive
Drive your jeep car on dangerous tracks and reach the end without crashing!
play Mountainbike
Ride your bike as fast as possible to the end of the stunning mountain tracks!
play Kung Fu Panda Racing
Drive Kung Fu Panda on a fireworks powered kart! Beat the clock to prove you're the fastest panda.
play Burnin Rubber 2
Master the controls and own the roads in this awesome 3D car racing game!
This is our category with cool racing games online. Their genre and gameplay is about speed and fast driving. The most game types you can play here are racecar and motorbike games in 2D or 3D, Formula 1 or Grand Prix style. But there are also many other cool sports racing games: bicycle driving, snowboarding, skateboarding and horse racing. Some of the vehicles you use are more special like boats, ATVs, karts and even UFOs.