"Layer Maze 4"

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Your task in this brain and puzzle game sounds simple: Use a ball to find the way out of the maze. Well, while playing you will notice that it actually isn't as simple as you first thought. There are colored doors for example that you can pass only if you rolled your ball over the appropriate paint drop. There are also locks which you must unlock with the right key, and to make it even harder the labyrinths consists of layers just like storeys in a house or skyscraper. While the first few levels are quite simple it then gets harder and harder, and you will have to use all your thinking skills to achieve the goal. Your game score is based on the time you needed to reach the exit. Collect stars to earn extra points.
Use ARROW keys to move the ball around. With A and Z (or Y) you can jump up or down into holes to enter another layer.

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