"Elements and Physics"

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This is a great mixture of a thinking and problem solving game and a blocks removing game with physics engine.
Story: Paul is a little spirit who lives in a picture. His picture was torn into pieces and scattered all around. Now you must help Paul collect all puzzle pieces to rebuild his house.
To solve the problems you have to remove blocks by CLICKING on them. The ragdoll style figure of Paul has to collect the puzzle piece and then he has to enter the spirit portal to exit from the level. While proceeding there will appear element symbols that you have to collect first. With these elements you can cast magic spells on blocks which will help you solving the levels:
- air magic: lifts a block up into air
- earth magic: destroys a fixed block
- fire magic: destoys any block and makes a blast wave
- water magic: melts ice blocks
To cast a magic spell select the element first then CLICK on a block.
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