FEATURED: Fast Food Fiasco
play Fast Food Fiasco
Swap fast food until your stomach is content in this superb matching!
FEATURED: Bomboozle 2
play Bomboozle 2
Group like-coloured blobs together for oodles of points, and use bombs to create massive carnage!
play Dark Legion 2
A cool mix of match 3 puzzles and RPG games. Fight against hordes of evil, build up your hero and tr…
play Monster Match
Draw lines and connect two or more of the same monsters to make them go away!
play Paradoxion Express
Place colored balls onto a board with the aim to remove all other balls. Not easy, because the balls…
play Aqua Blocks light
Remove all blocks from the board. This is the easier brain teasing version of Aqua Blocks.
play Tower Blaster
Try to build a tower by arranging numbered blocks in the right order before the computer opponent do…
play One and One Story
Guide two lovers over platforms the right way and let them come together.
play Rise of Atlantis
In the match 3 game Rise of Atlantis you must find a way to bring the legendary continent of Atlanti…
TOP: Fishdom
play Fishdom
Create your Fishdom! Play through match 3 puzzles to earn cash for your tank and fish.
play Crystal Battle
Destroy all crystals of the computer opponent to win this match 3 game!
play Call of Atlantis
Call of Atlantis: Only a true match 3 puzzle hero can save the legendary continent Atlantis from its…
play Word Chaos
Show off your word skills and form as many words as you can from just some letters!
play Oreo O's Extreme Creme Control
Help control the creme production on planet Emerc by building the longest pipeline!
play Jewel of Atlantis
Jewel of Atlantis: Enjoy underwater adventures solving puzzles in this enthralling match 3 game.
play Dupligon
Train your memory with Dupligon where you have to memorize shapes and then redraw them from mind!
play Bomb Chain
Create fun chain reactions of exploding bombs.
play Sushi Sudoku
A Sudoku game online where you can select from different modes, difficulties and tile sets with numb…
play Aerial MahJong
Match blocks and solve puzzles in enigmatic aerial land of MahJong! A good Mahjong tutorial is inclu…
play Master Gear
Connect a chain around different gears so that they all spin in the right direction.
play Mahjong Burger
Mahjong Burger is a fast food themed Mahjong online game!
play Splash Back
Clean off the screen from the green globs by pumping them up! A funny chain reaction game and mind t…
play Puzz Pinball
Try to arrange the items right to let the pinball reach the exit hole!
play Atlantis Quest
Atlantis Quest is a beautiful match 3 puzzle game. Are you ready for an exciting quest of adventure…
play Twibik
A new puzzle game where you remove shapes, while achieving combos for huge score boost!
play Clayside
Wander through the city of Clayside. Solve riddles and break tiles in this spectacular action-rich b…
play Quink
Quink is a unique puzzler and a mixture of Tangram game and Rubik's Cube!
play Puzzle Monsters
There are too many one-eyed monsters! Clear the island of all but the last monster standing.
play A Crap Memo Game
An action based variation of the memory game. Train your mind and ability to remember!
This category is full of free games that require the usage of the brain and logic thinking. The common term for this genre is 'puzzle games'. Some of them are actually jigsaws, but most are completely different and have a mind and brain training gameplay. Some make use of words and numbers, namely crosswords, word- and math games, or their objective is of a problem solving kind. You can also play many match 3 games.