play Gaia Word Bump
Can you make words fast enough to bump the golden word to the top?
play Word Builder
Click the letter tiles to spell words. The longer the word and the rarer the letters contained in th…
play 9 Ball Connect
You have to remove groups of same colored billiard balls or numerical chains of billiard balls!
play Aqua Blocks
Try to remove all blocks from the puzzle board. Sounds easy, but it's a mind teaser!
play Fruit Fall
Arrange groups of fruits to remove them by rotating the game board left or right!
play Symbologic 2
In Symbologic 2 you must convert a 3D cube into 2D shapes! A great mind teasing game.
play Arctic Quest
Arctic Quest: Return warmth to the tropical islands by filling and completing shapes!
play Puzzle Maniax
This is an online puzzle game where you can choose from different puzzle pictures and difficulties.
play Layer Maze 4
Find the way out of a layered maze. Attention, this game might tie up your brain in knots!
play Death Match
A Tetris Game where you must match rows of 3 or 4 of the same skulls and arrange combos to get Bonus…
play Beetle Run
You are Fred the dung beetle, and you have to roll the ball of dung into your girlfriend's den to im…
play Tringo
You have to place puzzle pieces on a grid to make shapes that then disappear. Unique!
play Rubix
Manipulate a grid by shifting rows and columns, and try to achieve the target figure!
play Starshine
In Starshine you need to collect spinning stars in the shortest time possible by changing a comet's…
play Dig It
Try to reveal the hidden treasure box by moving around plates!
play Geo
You have to place puzzle pieces with different shapes and colors into the right spots.
play Bubukas vs. Grizles
Try to collect the maximum amount of good Bubukas to your tower, and take the minimum amount of bad…
play Cubrius
In Cubrius you push same colored cubes together to remove them!
play Rainbow Web
Release the evil spider's web and restore the Rainbow Kingdom to its glory!
play Puzzle Soccer
A Bubble Shooter where you shoot footballs to form groups of three or more same colored balls!
play Letter Hunt
A simple, yet addicting brain trainer game where you have to collect coins in the right alphabetical…
play Abombinaball
Defuse bombs in the right order in time. Think and plan your route wisely!
play Brain Burner
Remove the tiles from the board by swapping them. Don't get stuck, or you loose!
play OTTF
Place the chips onto the board as shown in the template. Sounds easy, but it really teases your mind…
play Through Walls
You have to find the right position of a 3D puzzle piece that makes it fit through a hole in a wall!
play Chili Factory
Arrange stylish chili blocks in a way to match 3 or more of the same kind next to each other.
play Maneuver
Remove tiles by stepping over them as fast as possible. Think, there are tiles you have to step over…
play Squarix
Move colored blocks around to clear squares on the board!