play Celebrity Puzzler
Restore the young malestars photos against the time in this game with sliding puzzle tiles.
play Rainbow Mystery
Rainbow Mystery is a beautiful Match 3 game where you must help Lily on her quest to break a curse.
play Circlo2
Remove all bubbles from the screen by shooting various colored bubbles to the center.
play Rings
Rings is an original and fun puzzle where you have to score points by completing sets of rings.
play Electric Box
Connect a target device with electrical power by arranging various electrical devices in a logic cha…
play Combs
Form same colored hexagon shapes by spinning combs. Mind teasing!
play Chromatica
Line up and remove shapes by placing 4 or 5 in a row vertically or diagonally!
play Jurassic Realm
Explore prehistoric lands in this blockbusting dinosaur-age match 3 puzzle game Jurassic Realm.
play Lightning Bugs
Clear each level by casting a magic spell to capture the lightning bugs!
play Way of the Tangram
A beautiful Tangram Game online where you rebuild up to 150 Tangram figures with 7 different puzzle…
play Jumble
In the classic word finder game Jumble you have to find words within a letter grid.
play Zodiac Tower
Uncover the secrets of ancient Zodiac Tower and solve all of its fascinating puzzles!
play Pobble
Shoot with balls and make matches of three or more similar colored balls to remove them from the scr…
play Towers
Towers is a cool mind teaser where you have to get all towers down with the least number of moves.
play Turti Trop
Direct turtles on the right path to let them meet each other and let them make love!
play ROX
Rotate a gameboard to match same colored gems to remove them. It rox!
play Stakka
A cool colorful blocks puzzle and match game that mixes Tetris and Puzzle-Bobble type gameplay.
play Pinboliada
Shoot colored pinballs into chains of other colored pinballs to match three or more of them.
play Kermix
Move a block on platforms and collect all coins with as few moves and as fast as possible!
play Gears
Hook different gears together to fix mechanical mashines! Try to find the best solution.
play Arctic Quest 2
Keep earth from becoming an icy prison by solving inlay puzzles in Arctic Quest 2!
play Flower Quest
In Flower Quest you enter a land of magic and wonder, and solve puzzles by rotating branches and roo…
play SoBics School
Move the Teletubby doll and arrange bricks in groups of four or more to remove them in this block sh…
play Boom Box 2
Match same colored blocks in this futuristic arcade style puzzler! Two different game modes are avai…
play Take it Down
In 'Take it Down' a construction worker is trapped on structures of blocks. Destroy blocks to bring…
play Elements and Physics
Use earth, air, fire and water elements to help Paul the spirit recover missing peaces of his pictur…
play Inca Ball
Shoot colored bubble orbs into a moving chain and create sequences of spheres!
play Xraye
Hit all pegs with the tool to complete the levels. Some pegs require multiple hits!