"Portal 2D"

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Here's another good attempt to bring the look and feel of Valve's famous Portal 3D game to 2D. The objective of the game is simple: To exit each level you must reach the second elevator which will elevate you to the next room. You can move your player and you can jump, but there are a lot of obstacles which you will have to get around. To achieve your goal you can interact with objects, for example you can carry boxes around, or you can trigger switches. But more important you will have to use a gun that can create portals. You will find the gun in the second room. You can place portals on white walls only. Entering one portal will transfer you to the second.
Use ARROW LEFT and RIGHT or A and D to run. Jump with ARROW UP or W. Use F to take or drop something. Use your MOUSE to aim and CLICK to shoot.
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