play Caveman
Your girl was captured by monsters. Prepare your slingshot and rescue her in this funny platformer.
play Dino Run
Run for your life and escape the pyroclastic lava to find your dino sanctuary! An awesome retro styl…
play Black Beaks
Jump, run and fly as a Toucan Bird. Collect Froot Loops and treasures and avoid enemies!
play Oppdrag Asgard
Go on a funny Jump and Run journey back into mystic land of Asgard and find the eggs of Odin's raven…
TOP: Starbound
play Starbound
Get higher and higher with your little star by jumping on platforms and achieving combos!
play Squirt Man
Get rid of the mutants and survive as long as possible!
play Papa Louie
You have to guide Papa Louie the pizza baker through levels filled with pizza monsters.
play Herm The Germ
You are Herm the germ and your only mission in life is to infect a human!
play Snowy the Bear's Adventure
A cute platform game for kids! Guide Snowy the Bear through all the adventures full of funny monster…
play Puzzle Farter
Fart your way through the platform levels while avoiding enemies. Real Funny!
play Avalanche
A fun jump and run game where you have to climb onto falling blocks getting as high as possible.
play Sinta
With your trusty bow and arrow in hand, make your way through dozens of fun and action packed levels…
play Gunbrick
You are a brick of 5x5 pixels locked in a retro style pixel maze. Roll, and shoot your way to the ex…
play Gunther the Wiggi
Gunther the Wiggi must collect all numbers in order and finish the quests!
play Parody Island
Collect music notes scattered over the city and reach the end of the level as quickly as possible.
play Robin the Mercenary 2
Guide Robin through the pixelized Levels, shoot enemies, collect money and destroy generators.
play Quickling
In Quickling you have to find the portal to the human realms while finding gem stones and avoiding f…
play Spongebob Patty Panic
Plankton turns Spongebob's dream of making the largest krabby patties into a nightmare! A funny Spon…
play Adventures of Tinger
Help Tinger, the bavarian Wolpertinger, rescue his friend Kaes from the claws of the evil meat-manuf…
play Wolverine MRD Escape
Wolverine was imprisoned in the MRD! Help him to escape by using his super hero skills!
play Fancy Pants Adventures 2
It's the 2nd of the Fancy Pants Adventure games. Play it, it's really worth it!
play Fancy Pants Adventures
A cool jump and run game where you explore levels, collect symbols, kill enemies and find trophies.
play Turtix
Guide the turtle Turtix through beautyful platform worlds to save the kidnapped turtle babies!
play Mirrors Edge 2D
A great Flash conversion of the 3D XBox / Playstation 3 console game.
play Raven Warrior's Quest
Help your Hero battle his way through levels full of danger trying to reach Raven and earning rings…
play Super Walkland
In Super Walkland you must help Aura destroy the robot clones who stole the music from the world!
play Little Loki
Little Loki tries to escape from hell in this funny jump and run platform game!
play Running Blue
Running Blue has to find his friends Red and Green who were captured by evil Glorg. A sweet Jump and…
play Mario Combat
Kick Bowsers butt in this crazy platform and fighting game with Super Mario.
In this category you will find all kinds of platform games. In these games you will mostly have to jump and run over platforms with a game character while you collect stuff or fight against foes. Sonic and Super Mario Games are well known examples, and you can play here some cool Mario and Sonic Games online too, next to Doodle Jump, 'Free Running' games and some great platform shooters.