play Cuboy Quest
Cuboy Quest is a platform game that will have you hooked immediately. Your task is to shoot all the…
play E7
E7 is a strange futuristic platform game in which you will make your way around the levels searching…
play BugBug in Sky Tower
You control a search droid through a forgotten planet to collect parts needed to leave the planet.
play Super Chick Sisters
In this Super Mario style platform game you must save Pamela Anderson who was kidnapped by cruel Col…
play Pendulums
In Pendulums, Treasures of the Inca, you jump and run between swinging platforms while collecting In…
play Hunted Forever
You are in a mine and you are hunted! Keep running, collect parts and upgrade to survive in this coo…
play Sint Nicolaas
It's Christmas. Collect the presents and cookies and deliver them to the right chimneys before dawn.
play Tombs of Anubis
In Tombs of Anubis you must overcome the egyptian god Anubis by simply taking photos of him.
play Red Beard
Help the pirate Red Beard to collect his lost pearls and his gold!
play Pirates of the Caribbean
Help pirate captain Jack Sparrow gett out of a spooky dungeon while collecting gold coins!
play Squirrel Escape
Help the funny cute squirrel escaping from a building with a lot of rooms!
play N Game
In N Game you as a Ninja have to survive loads of levels filled with hostile stuff while collecting…
play The Lost Inca
An adventure platformer where you have to help the two adventurers Mark and Jason find the lost inca…
play Ball in Troubles
Get all the stars along your way and reach the exit. Avoid spikes and rotators!
play Cloud Climber
Get as high as possible by jumping on clouds and by collecting coins!
play Mindscape
Find the exits and collect sweets on your way while gravity is shifting in this platformer!
play Lost on the Lost Planet
Lost on the Lost Planet is a fun platform game where you have to jump around a lot to find back to y…
play Fire Ninja Girl
Guide the Fire Ninja Girl through the levels fighting against crazy foes!
play Jones Platformer
A very hard, but addicting platformer where you can perform more than 20 moves to pass the many dang…
play Buggle Stars
Guide your Buggle through 20 levels of adventure. Jump, fly, swim and drive in this fun platformer!
play Chimbo's Quest
Help Chimbo on his quest preventing toxic waste dumping in the rain forests!
play Batman and Batwoman
Fight as Batman against the evil Penguin's gang to save and rescue Batwoman!
play Turtle Odyssey 2
In this funny jump and run game you must lead Ozzy the turtle to the exit, while collecting coins an…