play The Lost Minis
The m&m's Minis are cought by an unknown! Try to rescue them in this funny jump and run game.
play Pig Nukem
Pig Nukem is an awesome platform shooter and your task is to make your way through an alien ship and…
play Prince of Persia Online
Play this cool online conversion of the classic platformer game Prince of Persia. Find the way out o…
play Free Run
A fun jump and run game where you have to guide your player through the levels by reacting to key pr…
play Bunnerific
A fun platformer where you must collect all fishbones and avoid hordes of fiendish pink bunnies!
play Android
Guide Android through loads of levels in this cool retro like jump and run game.
play Labyrinth
First find the key in the labyrinth like maze, then enter the exit to proceed!
play Escape from Slugville
You are trapped in a dangerous underworld. Explore it and escape from it!
play Crazy Flasher X Running
You are the Crazy Flasher! Jump, run, climb walls, collect coins on platforms and escape from the du…
play Megaman Project
A cool Megaman online flash game based on the character and storyline of Megaman by Capcom.
play Heir
In the game Heir you are a 'Pale Man' who must save a kingdom from a plague: giant mountainous size…
play Pyramid Runner
A cool platformer remake of the arcade game Lode Runner. Collect gold and avoid enemies.
play Clubby the Seal
Move the little seal through the arctic land and bash as many bad Eskibobs as possible!
play Deep Lift
Jump and dive from platform to platform to reach the exit in this deep sea underwater adventure.
play Stochastic
Get higher and higher by jumping on falling crates, but don't get smashed by the crates!
play Meez Adventure
Try to reach the end of each level. Stay alive, collect stuff and find hidden secrets!
play Tails Nightmare
Sonic's friend Tails is trapped in a nightmare! Help him getting out in this cool Sonic platform gam…
play Contra Online
A cool online conversion of the Contra game series. Run and gun through deadly enemy territory!
play Hack'n'Sushi
Help Mr. Wong bring back his Sushi to save his restaurant from being closed!
play Portal the Flash Version
Portal Online: Get through over 40 different portals shooting two different portal holes with your d…
play Sagoo
Help the cute little creature Sagoo save the jungle by solving puzzles and collecting power gems!
play Pendulums 2
Jump and run between swinging platforms, collect gold and treasures and avoid the monster!
play Crash Bandicoot Flash
A fun platform game online with the fox Crash Bandicoot, the popular video game character!
play Mighty Spidy
Find and eat all flies in the room before time runs out! Use your mighty spidy web to swing and jump…
play Snowy Treasure Hunter 2
A new fun kids game where you have to guide Snowy Bear through levels full of treasures and adventur…
play Sky Sailor
Pirates wrecked your sky sailor ship! To defeat the pirates, you have to collect all cannon parts sc…
play Pacma Fight
Jump, run, complete missions and fight enemies by throwing Shurikens!
play Mario Ghosthouse
Mario took a shortcut but got lost in a haunted house! Help him getting out the ghosthouse by solvin…