play Jump n Bump
Avoid hazards and collect stars in order to bounce your way to victory!
play Xnail
Help Xnail to stop Cid Capezza from cutting the woods!
play Mr. MothBall
Jump and run with the mothball over the platforms eating blue blobs and avoiding the red moths!
play Angelico 2
In this fun platformer, Angelico the cupid has to bring love by shooting at matching pairs!
play Umbrita
Guide the little Umbross creature through the land of the Umbross as fast as you can!
play Snow Trouble
Monster have stolen all the Christmas toys. It's up to you to get them back in this platformer!
play Impossi Bubble
You are K.T. the teenage girl, and your stupid brother stole your journal. Get it back!
play Eggs!
Jump around and collect as many good eggs as possible. Try to catch bonus eggs but avoid rotten eggs…
play Portal 2D
You are trapped in an unknown building, but you have a gun that can shoot portals!
play Angry Faic 2
You are Angry Faic and you must defeat the funny emoticons in this Doodle Jump game!
play Super Smash Flash
A cool fighting and platform game with Super Mario Bros, Sonic and other well known video games char…
play Metroid Elements
A great Metroid conversion online. It plays and feels like a classic Metroid game.
play Bouncy Bob
Bob got into a black hole and was transfered to an unknown galaxy. Help him to get out to freedom!
play Whooly 2
The little fox Whooly is on his second platform quest and on the search for a lost spaceship!
play Nuclear Plant Man
You awoke in an unknown environment. You don't know how you got there, but you know you have to esca…
play Paper Mario World
A new online remake of the Paper Mario games where you have a hammer to defeat the foes.
play Frizzle Fraz
Get with Fraz through the levels and rescue all the poor small Frizzles!
play Shift
In the amazing platformer Shift you have to find your way through dozens of black and white switchin…
play The Slob
The Slob is simply an awesome game! You will be making your way from platform to platform avoiding a…
play Metal Slug Flash
A cool Metal Slug online conversion. It plays and feels like one of the real Metal Slug games.
play Alex in Danger
A funny platform game where you have to climb, jump and shoot your way to the exits while collecting…
play Mole vs. Lava
Lava is flooding the mole's mine! Help the funny speedy mole to jump onto platforms to get higher an…
play Huje Adventure
In Huje Adventure you control a gooey blob through a physics environment with sticky towers and othe…
play Sleepless Assassin
Help Lucy, the sleepless knight, to escape from a dangerous island fortress!
play Rick Dangerous
Guide Rick Dangerous through the levels. Jump and run, crouch and shoot with your gun or throw with…
play Canabalt
Run over rooftops, jump over deep gaps and achieve the farthest distance!
play Rhino Rush
Rhino Rush is an awesome side-scrolling platform game in 3D where you control a little Rhino to resc…
play Doodle Jump Online
Doodle Jump Online is a online port of one the most popular mobile games ever. Your green Doodle has…