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Many years have passed since the martian gate to hell stood open. In the end it was a single marine who managed to seal the gate and send the demons back. This all happened 1993.
Nearly 20 years later humans researching on teleportation technology opened another evil portal on earth! Now it's up to you to enter the research facility, clean it from the demons and finally close the portal.
In Doom 2D you must guide your security guard, collect weapons and ammunition then shoot the monsters, they are deadly. Collect armor and health packs which will help you survive longer. Find secret doors and passages. Some doors will open with the appropriate key only. Avoid green sewer pools, they are poisonous and will hurt you. To pass them savely you need a special suit. Be prepared for the unknown!
Use ARROW keys LEFT and RIGHT or A and D to run, ARROW UP or W to jump. Press M to toggle music. Use keys 1 to 7 to select the weapon, 0 to autoswitch weapon. Use CTRL or LEFT MOUSE to shoot. Press SPACEBAR to open doors and to perform other actions.
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