"Dino Run"

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Rating: 3.27

Run for your life and escape the pyroclastic wall of doom to find your dino sanctuary!
On the run, collect eggs to preserve your species and to earn continues. Find super eggs and reach milestones to earn DNA. DNA is used to boost your dino's abilities. For every 8 eggs you collect, you receive one DNA as you play on higher difficulties.
Collect bones to unlock new speedruns and downloadable rewards (enter the options menu).
Use left and right Arrow keays, or A and D to move the dino. Up Arrow or W jumps, down Arrow or S ducks. Press Shift to provide additional speed boost (the dino's feet spark, when speed boost is available).
Duck to eat stuff on the ground. Duck in mid air to perform an air attack to hunt critters, or to maneuvering in tricky situations, or to avoid unwanted dactyl pickups.
Find more tipps in the game at 'How to play'.

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