"Adventures of Tinger"

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Rating: 3.31

Help Tinger, the Wolpertinger, to rescue his friend Kaes from the claws of the evil meat-manufacturers!
Story: Tinger, the bavarian Wolpertinger creature, is living with his best friend Kaes, a living bavarian meat-speciality, in the bavarian alps in harmony. But one day, when Tinger returns from the market, he faces that Kaes was kidnapped by the evil meat-manufacturers from the other side of the valley.
It's your mission to get with Tinger to the other side of the valley and rescue his friend, while shooting foes with sausages and radish.
Move Tinger with Arrow left and right. Press Spacebar to jump. To shoot, press A or S and hold an Arrow key to control the direction of the projectiles.
Please read the manual for further information.

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