play Crazy Penguin Catapult
A funny snowball-catapult war between polar bears and the cute birds!
play Conquer Antarctica
Conquer Antarctica is a funny turn based shooting game in Antarctica. You take on the role of a peng…
play Learn to Fly
It depends on you if the cute flightless birds finally learn to fly!
play When Penguins Attack TD
Global warming finally has destroyed the polar caps. Penguins take revenge by invading our territori…
play Learn to Fly 2
Learn To Fly 2 has finally made its way to our site. If you have played the first game then we're su…
play Penguin Diner 2
The 2nd fun time management serving game with Penny the diner penguin from Antarctica.
play Penguin Diner
In this serving and time management game you have to satisfy your customers in an antarctic restaura…
TOP: Penguinz!
play Penguinz!
Shoot the hostile enemies invading your private piece of the Antarctica!
play Ice Breakers
Help the Pingus building a city by breaking ice blocks in this cute match 3 puzzler!
play Save Penguin
A funny physics and puzzle game in which you must interact to save a penguin.
play Penguin Adventure
A cute platform game with a penguin mommy on the quest of her babies.
play Rocketeer
Here's a penguin who wants to fly to the moon! Help him jumping with him from cloud to cloud.
play Yeti Sports Pingu Throw
Yeti Sports 1: The Yeti has to toss & club penguins onto the ice as far as possible!
play Crazy Penguin
Crazy Penguin is a great puzzle game in that you must arrange objects in a way that a penguin can j…
play Shoot the Penguin
The name Shoot the Penguin says it all! But don't worry, it's a funny and unbloody penguin game.
play Equilibrated Willy
Help antarctic bird Willy balancing on an icecube while collecting arctic stuff and watching the sno…
play Save the Penguin
Save the cute penguin from the helicopter attack! Place various ice-blocks to create a shield.
play Penguin Escape
A fun block puzzle game where you have to help the bird Chuck escape from the tropics.
play Penguin Quest
Customize your penguin character and send him into 3 different and funny minigames!
play Penguin War
This is the tower defence style war between two penguin races! Who of them will win the battle?
play Penguins Can Fly
A funny 'Doodle Jump' game where you guide a cute penguin to a target high in the sky.
play Parachute Penguin Shootout
Shoot all the parachute enemies who are invading your little ice block!
play Yeti Sports Seal Bounce
Yeti Sports 3: Swing and toss the birds into the cold air as high as possible. Seals will help you.
play Turbocharged Penguins
Turbocharge penguins and let them fly at least 120 meters high!
play Yeti Sports Orca Slap
Yeti Sports 2: Help Yeti and Orca at shooting penguins onto an iceberg's target!
play Polar Boar
Launch the wild hog "Polar Boar" and keep it flying in the air!
play Popsy
A cute platformer with Popsy who has to collect fish, stars and treasures but has to beware of the w…
play Penguin Line March
Global warming is melting away polar ice caps! Protect the king pingus from sun rays and other dange…
play Penguin Skate 2
This time little Pengu skates on a snowboard down the snowy hills and jumps over ramps!
Juggernarts free Penguin & Yeti Games is a fun online collection of kids games with penguins, the funny birds from Antarctica. You can also play the free Yeti Sports Games like Orca Slap and Pingu Throw, unbloody Pingu Games, games where Yetis toss and club penguins and where penguins learn to fly. Dress up warm kids and help the cute flightless birds! We show you the most fun Games to play online.