play Penny & Paul's Adventures
Help Penny getting to her boyfriend Paul the polar bear in this thinking game!
play Yeti Snowball
Another fun game with a Yeti doing bad things with poor little penguins!
play Penguin Push
A cute Sokoban clone where you have to push around iceblocks to get them to the right places!
play Sliding Penguin
Play curling sports and let the cute birds slide over the ice to hit the target!
play Mr. Penguin
Help Mr. Penguin rescue his wife who is stuck on a burning oil rig! Luckily he's equiped with a jet…
play Penguin Rescue
Rescue as many penguins as you can by bouncing them off of a seals nose!
play Penguin
Help polar bears to club and shoot penguins in three funny unbloody minigames!
play Flying Penguins
A funny cannon game where you shoot the flightless birds with a snow cannon and make them fly!
play Ice World
Help the little antarctic pengu collecting all the flags scattered on icecubes in the correct order.
play Super Penguin Dash
How far can your arctic birds slide on the ice while catching as many fish as possible! A fun game o…
play Arctic Bootcamp Blitz
Help the penguins of Madagascar to navigate their icy slalom in one piece!