"Stick Trinity"

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Rating: 3.46

This is the first famous fighting game in the Stick Trinity series. You play as a ninja stickman equipped with a Katana sword, and your mission is to fight agains and defeat all the invading opponents. Your opponents are also represented by stickmen, but there are allso bad bugs and other unfriendly creatures. Hack and slay them all into pieces to win all the chapters of the game.
Movement controls are ARROW LEFT and RIGHT and UP to jump. Double tap LEFT or RIGHT for a charge move into the corresponding direction. Press C to change your character, double tap C to switch to next chapter. Attack controls are A for simple attack and S for mortal strike. To use mortal strike you need an amount of rage points. Combos which also require rage points are performed by DOWN and S, UP and S, double tap LEFT and S or double tap RIGHT and S.

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