FEATURED: Ninjaman
play Ninjaman
Survive countless traps and dangerous hazards in this addicting sword fighting game.
play Straw Hat Samurai
Draw lines with your samurai sword to slice your opponents into pieces!
play Way's Hero
Help the shaolin hero to outfight his oponents and to revenge his father!
play Shuriken Challenge
Keep I-Ninja moving, throw shurikens at the enemies and dodge their fiery balls to survive!
play Straw Hat Samurai 2
The cool 2nd part with the sword samurai who draws lines to hack and slash his enemies into pieces!
play Chubby Ninja
In Chubby Ninja you leap, fly and battle your way through randomly generated caves of dangers to pro…
play Final Ninja
It's the final mission for the final knight warrior: Outfight Akura!
play House of Dead Ninjas
Make your way as far down the House of Dead Ninjas as possible without getting killed!
play Ninja Nightmare
Fight down all the annoying ninjas who disturbed you reading a good book!
play Ninja Quest
The princess was captured by the bad clan! Use your weapon arsenal and rescue her.
play Run Ninja Run
Run Ninja Run is an awesome game that requires reflex and skill! You are playing a ninja who has to…
play Ninja Kira
Help Ninja Kira overcome hordes of bad enemy samurais on a rooftop.
play Fang Shui
Here you are a very special Ninja who can eat enemies and spit them out!
play Ninjotic Mayhem
You must fight hordes of zombies and undead! Use your cool fighting techniques to kill them all.
play Ninja Cat Episode 1
You are Ninja Cat! Jump around, dodge and throw shuriken to your opponents.
play Ninja Frog
Help Ninja Frog gather magical stones all over the world which will reverse his curse.
play Punisher
A great platform and fighting game where you play as a kung fu master who must fight against an army…
play Dragon Fist 3
Choose one of the 33 martial arts fighters, enter the game arena and fight, kick and box for your li…
play Bowja 3 Ninja Kami
This time it's Bowja's most important mission where he has to defeat the evil Yokai!
play Brawler Whirled
An awesome multiplayer fighting game where you can upgrade your weapons. Team up to outfight the bad…
play Shaolin Master
Become a Shaolin master in this action-rich reflex game. First train your reaction time then take th…
play Ninja Assault
Villages are being plundered by samurai ghosts and demonic pandas. Use your skills to get rid of the…
play Soulmech Shinobu
You are Shinobu the fighter girl. Equiped with your blade you have to defeat the hordes of evil figh…
play Samurai Sam
Help Samurai Sam and take revenge on the Dark Samurai while fighting his minions and navigating trap…
play 3 Foot Ninja 2
In 3 Foot Ninja 2 it's up to you to recover the land and cleanse it from the army of undead.
play Bowja the Ninja 2
Help Bowja get inside Bigmans compound and deactivate the satellite dish to save the world!
play Muay Thai 2
Muay Thai is one of the toughest martial arts known. Use your amazing Muay Thai 2 skills to beat dow…
play The Lone Ninja
You must end the reign of the evil sorcerer Shogun! Keep running and downfight enemies til you face…
play Power Rangers Ninja Storm
Power Rangers Ninja Storm is a cool platform game that has been designed around the hit TV series ca…
Juggernarts free online ninja games is a growing collection of the most addicting martial arts fighting games with ninjas, samurai and other fighters online. All free games were judged by addiction, fun and playability. Do you have the skills and powers of a real martial arts worrior? We show you the coolest martial arts fight games to play online, like sword and kung fu fighting, boxing, kick boxing and hack and slash style.