play 3 Foot Ninja
You're on the quest to find your destiny. Enemies are numerous and deadly!
play Dragon Fist
Defeat 10 opponents by punching, kicking and using special martial arts moves in this fighting game!
play Samurai Master
You are one of the best samurai and you have to hack and slash your way to Tokyo to defeat the feuda…
play Ninjack
Help Jack the pixelninja fighting his way through platform levels against monsters and dangerous Sam…
play TMNT Double Damage
The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles go on a new mission. They fight through the streets to save their f…
play Genjuro Samurai Fight
Help the Samurai Kibagami Genjuro at sword-fighting through scenes full of evil foes!
play Rocket Ninja Cyborg
Jump, climb, thrust and swing as high as possible before the cyborg-melting magma soup will reach yo…
play Vampire Fever
Cure funny infected undead and deamons by hitting them ninja billiard style!
play Ninja Stealth
It's a fun platform game where you play as a ninja who must steal gold treasures and defeat enemies.
play Ninja Plus 2
In Ninja Plus 2 you must find your way through a maze, collect coins and avoid dangers.
play This Bunny Kills
In This Bunny Kills you have to annihilate a 100+ evil bunny ninjas by hacking and slashing them int…
play Seesaw Ninjas
Create and size heads and let them drop and jump onto a seesaw.
play Super Ninja Strike
It's the way of the mystic knights, the invisible assassins of Japan!
play Ninja Roll 2
Draw ledges and slopes for the ninja in a bubble to successfully collect all the stars.
play Kane the Ninja
Fight your way free to rescue the kidnapped princess, daughter of King Kenjo.
play Super Slash Ninja
Jump, run, swing your Katana and fight against the evil in this hand drawn fighting game!
play Flying Ninja
Throw a rope and swing forward as far as you can while defeating enemies with shuriken!
play Bloody Blades
Slash as many evil opponent ninjas as possible before they finish you!
play Ninja +
Survive and get out of a dungeon within a certain time by using your jumping and rope throwing skill…
play Ninja Pop
Like in Bloons, you have to shoot bubbles, and you need good aiming skills!
play Climbing Ninja
Climb up the ropes in a temple and collect money to buy live and special techniques.
play Ninia Gardener
Defend your newly seeded garden ninja style from the hungry birds!
play Ninja Reflex
Do you have super natural reflexes like a ninja? Test it out in this game.
play Pirates vs. Ninjas
Try to stay alive slashing your way through the levels to fulfill various missions!
play Notebook Ninja
Test your reflexes by pressing the right keys at the right time.
play Ben 10 Ninja Spirit
You must help Ben 10 fight against evil ninjas in an ancient action adventure.
play Kung Fu Sewer Fever
Help Kung Fu Fighter Tanner rescue his companions locked in the sewer by fighting against hidden hen…