play Stick Trinity
In Stick Trinity you play as a stickman ninja and your objective is to fight with your Katana agains…
play Young Worrier
Equiped with a Katana you must enter an island, fight hordes of baddies and rescue the princess!
play Sinjid - Shadow Warrior
In this RPG you are the son of a great warrior and you have to face the army of the fallen!
play Ninjistics
Jump, dive and roll over the floor. Change your color and move through the same colored obstacles.
play Yan Loong Legend 2
Guide Yan into another great Wushu fighting against new enemies, with new special moves and 2 player…
play Ninja Rampage
A true martial arts fighter must never be seen! Proof yourself to be one.
play Ovcata Ninja
Control a sheep that learned the martial arts of kung fu! Very funny!
play Ninja Hunter
Protect the wind godess temple from the invading enemies by quickly typing their names!
play Yantra Story of Revenge
Hordes of shadow demons attacked your village and killed all of your family. Take revenge!
play Fierce Fighter
Fight Kung Fu as Bruce Lee in this martial arts fighting games.
play Ha Yha
Hack your enemies into sushi and get into the shaolin temple to finish the queen!
play Ninja Rinseout
Hack and slash your way to victory using your fighting skills!
play Rely on Relics
Help Jackie Chan fight through the streets of Chinatown to catch Valmont who kidnapped Jade!
play Yan Loong Legend
Follow your Wushu Master's order, punish the evil forces and end the war using Wushu techniques!
play Ninja
Use your logic and help the little fighter to escape out of the temple.
play Dragonball Z Fight
Dragonball Z Fight is an excellent ninja fighting game where you can play as Goku, Picollo, Gohan an…
play Samurais Blood
Samurais Blood is an action samurai game where your task is to make your way through each level slic…
play Soul of the Katana
Survive and destroy hordes of evil opponents by using your Katana sword like a real Samurai!
play Ninja Showdown
Kick, jump and slash with your Katana Samurai sword to outfight your oponent!
play Ben 10 Samurai Warrior
In Ben 10 Samurai Warrior you must help Ben 10 get back the Ultra-T device that was stolen by Kenko.
play Forever Samurai
A samurai must fight his way through an army of robotic beasts and demons! A very cool samurai game!
play Pirates vs. Ninjas Battle
Pirates vs. Ninjas is a funny physics based battle action game where you fire bombs against the enem…
play Kung Fu Fighter
Play as girl Fong or boy Sing and show off your Kung Fu fighting skills in this fun Martial Arts gam…
play TMNT Sewer Surf
Master Splinter of the Ninja Turtles has been captured and is being held in a hide-out within the se…
play Ninja Storm
Your task is to get from chamber to chamber and finally destroy the evil lordship of Jin Gin.
play Bowja
Bowja's 1st mission is to destroy the Gi8000 a.k.a Randy the Robot!
play Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Be a TMNT Ninja Turtle and do street fighting to rescue Master Splinter who was captured by Shredder…
play Little Fat Ninja
Free castle Volcsum from the hordes of evil by using your magic fighting skills!