"Ben 10 Ninja Spirit"

Ben 10 Ninja Spirit icon
Rating: 3.27

You are Ben 10 and you must fight your way through masses of hostile ninjas. To get through the stages you have to operate switches, climb up ladders and ropes and survive a lot of enemies by fighting against them. You have several attack skills you can use: Uppercut, Sacrifice, Windmill, Sonic Slash, 4-Hit Combo and Ballista. Avoid spiked objects!
To move Ben 10 use the ARROW KEYS. Double tap LEFT or RIGHT to roll. Use X to attack with your Katana. Press Z to defend. SPACEBAR to jump.
Uppercut: UP and Z
Sacrifice: DOWN and Z in mid air
Windmill: UP and Z on ground
Sonic Slash: DOWN, RIGHT and Z
4-Hit Combo: Z, Z, Z, Z
Ballista: UP, RIGHT and Z

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