"Yahoo Games Golf"

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Rating: 3.56

Yahoo Games Golf is a great online Golf Game in a realistic 3D environment. On the right side you see the map of the golf course from above, on the right side you see the golfer in 3D.
To play the Yahoo Golf game you must use your MOUSE as following:
1. Watch the wind meter and take it into account to set the direction of your shot. To set the direction click on the map at the right side.
2. Choose your golf club by clicking on the arrows next to the golf club icon.
3. Click on the golf ball to set the hit point.
4. Click once on the "Shoot" button under the left 3D view to start the swing meter. Click again when the yellow bar reached the right distance. Click a third time when the yellow bar is close to the orange bar.
Now enjoy this cool online game made by Yahoo.

play Yahoo Games Golf game
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