play Mini Putt 2
The 2nd green. More platforms, more obstacles, more fun!
play Golfman
Help the Golfman getting the ball into the wholes! Watch out for the weather, water and sand traps.
play Mini Putt 3 by Psycho
A great 18 hole online game with various interesting obstacles!
play Mini Putt
Enter the golf green and try to finish all holes under par!
play Gamblingfactory Minigolf
Putt 18 holes in this fun isometric style minigolf game online!
play 12 Holes Xmas
A fun christmas miniputt game with different clubs and balls.
play Mario Minigolf
Strike the golfball into the green pipes. Try to hit mushrooms and watch what the Goombas do.
play Golphysics
Hit the balls and putt them into the hole of a gravity-physics based environment!
play Yahoo Games Golf
Yahoo Games Golf is a great online Golf Game in a realistic 3D environment made by Yahoo.
play Stupi Golf
A funny 9 hole game with Stupi the stupid looking dino creature!
play Pro Zombie Golf
Play Death and hit Zombies with your golfball skulls! It's funny.
play Vertigolf 2
Return to the skies in this realistic 3D mini-golf game. More challenges and obstacles included!
play Golf Jam
Select 1 of 11 golfers and try to master 11 different swing skill tasks!
play Putt It In - Garden Park
A great free 3D miniputt game online with different players!
play On the Green
You are On The Green and all you have to do is sink the golf ball into the next hole.
play Zombie Golf
OMG! Undead zombies have overrun the fence and you are the last line of defence on the golf course!
play Golf Drive
A fun pre-historic game of golf with a wooden club catapult!
play Flash Golf
Another fun golf online game with different setups and obstacles.
play Ninja Golf
Fight your way through a funny 9 holes ninja course! A funny remake of an old Atari game.
play Mini Putt 3
Enter the 3rd green and try to finish all holes under par!
play Everybodys Golf
Practice your golf swing skills in this great girls game.
play 10 Seconds Challenge
Swing the club and find out how far you can shoot the golf balls in just 10 seconds!
play Tiny Golf
A fun 9 holes game. Just get the ball into the holes.
play Goal in One
Your aim is to get the football into the goals in as few strokes as possible.
play Midi Golf
A 18 holes multiplayer game online with bunkers, trees & waters.
play Forest Challenge 2
Enter the forest course and swing the ball into the 18 holes!
play Mile High Club
Swing the ball high up in the skies! Hit the platform with the flag but avoid bunker.
play Volcanic Golf
A simple, yet funny golf swing game where you have to club eggs into a volcano!