FEATURED: Swoopa the Seal
play Swoopa the Seal
You are Swoopa the Seal and you have to chase and hunt down all the fishes!
play Spongebob Sea Monster Smoosh
A real funny underwater Dig Dug game with Spongebob, puffer fish and sea monsters.
play Dynamite Fishing
Help a Cat on a boat to hunt fish with dynamite. Catch as much as possible!
play Fairy Fishing
You are a little gnome fishing for fairies! Each different colour fairy you catch is a different sco…
TOP: BlobStar
play BlobStar
Guide the star fish BlobStar on his underwater quest for riches and treasures!
play Whale Flip
Be a whale and blow submarines out of the ocean that want to kill the whales!
TOP: Archie
play Archie
Help Archie the archer fish through fifty fun water shooting levels and puzzles!
play Sydney Shark
OMG! A monster shark attacks Sydney's shore. He want's to kill and eat everything that gets in front…
play IAFish
Eat smaller fish and worms but keep your little friend happy by feeding him with the right fish food…
play Fishing Girl 3
Reel in fish to earn money with which you can buy better rods, lures and fishing gear. Then save the…
play Fish Tales
A fun "fish eat fish" fishy game with a lot of levels and cute graphics.
play Fishing for Nemo
In this game you go Fishing for Nemo! Catch clown fish Nemo or puffer fish or sharks.
play Fisher Girl
Play as a girl standing on the shore trying to catch fish. Lots of angling challenges await you.
play Fishing Frenzy
Catch as many fish from the lake as you can within 2 minutes! Needs good reflexes and skills.
play Fish for Girls
Why hunt for stinky fish when you can get beautiful hot girls!?
play Oil Spill Escape
Escape a giant underwater oil plume of the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico! A fun and very addict…
play Worms have Wings
Let fishes jump out of the water to catch flying worms. But avoid the birds!
play Big Teeth
Hunt for as many pearls as possible! But beware of the big fish guard named Big Teeth.
play Flying Fish
Go on a fast and exciting flight accross the sea as a flying fish while collecting pearls and avoidi…
play Fishing Panda
In Fishing Panda you must help a cute panda bear angle as many fish as possible with a very special…
play Feed Mo
Mo the polar bear is hungry. Help him to get some food on his fishing trip!
play Salmon Survival
Swim as a salmon up the stream avoiding fishermen's hooks and rocks. The further you swim, the highe…
play Ben 10 Fishing Pro
Ben 10 Fishing Pro is all about catching big fish. You take on the role of the super hero Ben 10!
play Piranha Bite Attack
You are a hungry Piranha! Bite all the fisherman's catch from the line before it reaches the shore.
play Blow Fishing
Hunting for fish with dynamite! Get Kgs of fishes needed by briefing, or more to earn more.
play Mad Shark
Help the shark escape from evil human underwater experiments and see how far he can swim!
play Trap a Tuna
Become a professional fisher, beat all the challenges, and leave your mark online and trap a tuna!
play Hook, Line & Sinker
Angle the same kind of fish in a row. Angle lots of fish to upgrade your equipment and rods!
play Diving Cat
Diving Cat is a funny game in which you will play the role of a little kitty that is on the hunt for…
Juggernarts free online fishing games is a collection of fun angling & fishing games and games with small and big fish online. Catch various kinds of fish like salmon or sprout or play fly fishing games. All free fishing games were judged by fun and playability. Get your fishing rods ready, prepare your lure and bait and go angling! We show you the most fun angling games & fishing games to play online.