play Fishing Champion
Throw your fishing rod, catch the biggest carp and proof yourself to be the ultimate Fishing Games C…
play Fish Mania
Catch the fishes out of the sea and throw them into the box!
play Shooting Fish
Go on an exciting underwater harpoon hunt! Try to shoot the biggest fish.
play Dino Fishing
Use your huge Baryonyx Dinosaur claw to catch fishes out of a river. You don't want to starve, so be…
play Fishing Trip
Catch the needed amount of similar fishes in a row in this fun fishing gamesimulation!
play Shark Mountain
You are a crazy shark in a water-pool on a mountain. Swim, eat and defend your mountain!
play Woot Fish
In Woot Fish you must guide a rocket equipped puffer fish through dangerous mazes into his healthy w…
play Master Fisher
Earn as much money as you can by fishing while completing requirements at each level!
play Super Fishing
Another simple and fun angling game where you have to catch as many fish as possible within a short…
play The Sea of Glomp
Swim the Sea of Glomp in search for the baddies that stole your egg! A funny adventure game.
play Bubafish
Use a sea turle to aim and shoot pairs of fish with air bubbles! Two fun game modes.
play Bass Fishing Pro
Catch the needed amount of fish to earn money. Then buy fishing equipment upgrades with the money.
play Cat Fishing
Another hungry Kitty is trying to catch fresh fish. Help her in this fishing games!
play Tiny Piranha
Survive the days in the amazon river and find the great Lake. Eat smaller fish but avoid the predeto…
play Lake Fishing
Go fishing at beautiful 3D lakes! Roach, Carp and others... The bigger the fish, the better you scor…
play Fishing Time
A fun 'Goldminer' style angling game with bonus items where you have to achieve different targets to…
play Fish Pirate
Help a pirate to angle as many fish as possible and to catch gold treasures from the sea.
play Bubble Pop
Guide a fish to pop as many air bubbles as possible while avoiding underwater mines!
play Fish Claw Extreme
Catch as much fish as possible with a claw in this "Gold Miner" like fisherman's game.
play Desktop Fishing
You have 3 minutes to catch as many sea fishes at the shore as possible!
play Weekend Fishing
Get your rod, pull onto the sea and go on a hunt for the heaviest fish in Australia!
play Dodge Fishy
Help the little sea turtle to survive in the middle of some very big fish!