"Fishing Panda"

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Rating: 3.43

Now this is a funny angling game: A panda bear decided that eating bamboo only all the time is boring. He wanted some variety within his food and decided to try some fish. Instead of using a simple fishing rod he constructed a special sucker like angling device and jumped into his boat.
Help the panda to hunt as many fish as possible per wave. Simply move the boat by moving your MOUSE from left to right. Move the MOUSE up and down to move the sucker device up and down. When the sucker is near a fish CLICK to suck it in and to earn money. With the money you can buy special items in the fisherman's shop. On top left you have three special item symbols. Click on them to use the items: with the net you will catch all the fish on the screen at once, the icecube will freeze the fish for some time and the big sucker enables your device to suck in alot of fish without the need to click. Avoid the purple fish, they explode when you hit them and disable your device for some time.

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