"Fishing Champion"

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Can you proof yourself to be the ultimate Fishing Champion?
To become the champion you have to complete all six fishing holes tournaments by earning the catch goal (or more). Each fish has a different value. View each fishing hole's fish list to find the value of the fish and the hole's catch goal.
To activate the casting power meter, click on the rod and hold the mouse button. The power meter indicates how far your rod will cast out. Release to cast the hook. After casting hold the mouse button to reel in.
How to catch a fish:
1. Reel the hook in front of a fish.
2. When the fish glows RED, DON'T MOVE the hook!
3. When the fish glows GREEN, SLIGHTLY MOVE!
4. Repeat til the fish glows YELLOW.
5. If the fish glows YELLOW and bites, hold down the mouse and quickly jerk your fishing rod back and forth to sink the hook.
6. When the 'Fish On' message appears, move the rod between the green bars to catch the fish

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