"Breakout Evolution"

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Rating: 3.13

The name says it all: it's the evolution of the typical breakout style game. It features great graphics and a fast paced gameplay. The 50 stages are full of awesomeness, become harder and harder. Your objective is to clear the stage from desctructable bricks with a ball and a paddle that you control. You need good reactions to keep the ball in play, because it can get pretty fast and there is a certain amount of gravity that affects the flight of ball. Bricks can be the standard rectangle ones or circles, and in higher stages they are assembled in weird figures. There are also sticks that fall down once you have shot them free. You can keep the sticks in play with your paddle and they will push your ball away. You have to remove a certain amount of bricks to proceed to the next level. Once you reached the amount, press SPACEBAR to go to the next level.
Make use of your MOUSE to move the paddle at the bottom. To start move your MOUSE to set the angle of the shot. Then CLICK to release the ball

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